Who Are We?

It has long been Andar's passion to improve the education for the children of his village, especially as he and his wife Hikmah have a young son, Gibran and a baby daughter Nuwaira. He says that although some of the kids won't be able to afford to continue their schooling, if they understand English they will have a brighter future. He wants to bring foreigners and villagers together so each can learn from one another. He has spent years caring for the children in the village and is a true community leader. He is amazing at climbing coconut trees and handy at spear fishing!

Guy has taught English in schools and universities in the UK, Spain and Mexico. He has spent time volunteering in the Dominican Republic and India, where he taught Tibetan refugees and counted the Dalai Lama as a neighbour!  He met Andar by chance while travelling through Indonesia, and after striking up a friendship and living with him and his family, helped him establish and develop Lombok Volunteer Homestay.