The Village

The village is on the coast and a short boat ride from the beautiful Sudak, Kedis and Nanggu islands. It's a small fishing village with basic facilities but the villagers take pride in its upkeep. There are ten families living there and many are related which makes for a friendly atmosphere. All the villagers welcome opportunities to befriend newcomers and learn more about foreign guests.

at home

You'll be a guest of Andar, his wife Hikmah, their son Gibran and their daughter Nuwaira, and will be provided with a private room with electricity and a fan in separate, volunteer accommodation. There is an Indonesian style toilet and simple washing facilities. You'll be treated as a member of the family and invited to partake in their daily activities. Andar's wife and mother share the cooking duties and are fantastic in the kitchen! A typical meal consists of rice, vegetables and tofu, and they will happily cater to individual tastes.


Aside from teaching the children, the days are your own. The village is surrounded by idyllic beaches and the ocean is perfect for swimming and snorkelling. If you'd rather be on the water, then accompany men from the village on a fishing trip and then help Andar's wife prepare the catch! Practice yoga or meditation with breath-taking views from the hilltop from where you'll also witness unforgettable sunsets.